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So, What do you charge?

Well, we operate in a gifting economy - we gift you with a performance, and if you wish, you can gift back. Let us explain--

We currently meet, practice and perform at Orlando Brewing in Downtown Orlando Florida. off Kaley.

The Owners of Orlando Brewing, are wonderful people who support the arts and make their space available to many performers, bands and events.  Usually at no cover or charge.

ON THE OTHER HAND, we feel it is important to support them as they support us... SO- when we do regular performances, for the time being, we in THEORY charge a $5 cover, BUT we waive that cover as long as you purchase a drink or two and tip your bartender. 

We want you to come out, have fun and laugh- but we also realize that the venue won't be available to us if the restaurant isn't able to keep the doors open.  SO- if you need a laugh and you haven't got a dime- Come on in, and we'll hopefully give you a chuckle.

But, if you CAN afford to support the hard work of this wonderful little independantly owned local business, Please do and let them know you're there because of OINK Improv!

And- If you like OINK Improv and what we do- you can help us along by tossing a few dollars in our Piggy Bank and Mascot "Miss Tipsy H. Bacon" when you come to the show!

Otherwise, this show exists because of the investment, time and talents of our performrers!



O.I.N.K. Improv

Made up comedy so funny- You'll Squeal!


We are VERY happy to say, we will be back on March 19th at Orlando Brewing Company south of Downtown Orlando off of Kaley Avenue!  They are a really nice group of people from John, the president to Crystal the promotions guru and on our show nights Mariah will be in the tap room with a variety of Organically brewed beers!   Soft drinks are also available and we will have Brian from B Dubbz hot dogs there on show nights as well as many local area restaurants that deliver!  The venue is Family friendly and PET friendly, so bring Fido so he can laugh too!  Oh, and most nights at 6PM you can get a TOUR of the brewery-  so come early and check it out!! 

We are a group of entertainers who LOVE improv.  We came together and created a new format inspired by Gorilla Theatre and Micetro from Improv Creator Keith Johnstone, and then took the basic idea of Directed Improv and ran with it in a new direction.

First and foremost, we came together to get better and improv and what we do. We wanted to help each other in a safe and nurturing environment.

Next, we wanted to find a group of like-minded players who were genuinely nice people, fun to be with, passionate about the art, and who wanted to do the best show they could for YOU- our audience.

We hope that we always honor that goal!